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Haftasonu Grupları

Üç yaş itibariyle başlayan kız ve erkek sporcularımız, cumartesi ve pazar günleri yada hafta içi akşamları birer buçuk saatlik olan periyotlarda çalışmalara başlamaktadırlar.


Yılllarca eğitim almış olan profesyonel sporcularımız federasyonunun düzenlemiş olduğu yarışmalara katılarak ülke içerisinde yada  uluslarası yarışmalara faal olarak katılmaktadırlar.


Küçük yaşta cimnastiğe başlayan sporcularımız arasından fiziksel yeterliliği en iyi olan öğrencilerden seçilenler özel gruplara alınarak 4 alette profesyonelce çalışmalara başlamaktadır.

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Europe’s New Online Privacy Policies Could Safeguard U.S. Customers As well

Enlarge this imagePeople move through the Google logo on the Net Summit in Lisbon on Nov. 8. Europe's new data privatene s principles go into impact Might twenty five.Patricia De Melo Moreira/AFP/Getty Imageshide captiontoggle captionPatricia De Melo Moreira/AFP/Getty ImagesPeople pa s by the Google emblem for the Website Summit in Lisbon on Nov. eight. Europe's new data privatene s policies go into outcome May twenty five.Patricia De Melo Moreira/AFP/Getty ImagesThe European Union is planning to implement sweeping privatene s regulations upcoming month, but these new protections of individuals' information and facts may established a different regular about the whole world which includes within the U.S.Starting May well 25, underneath the new General Data Safety Regulation, firms that collect or mine particular information should talk to consumers for consent. No more will companies have the capacity https://www.athleticsside.com/oakland-athletics/catfish-hunter-jersey to bury disclosures about pervasive tracking in hard-to-read legal disclaimers."We're not solely pleased with which is in there," states Estelle Ma s, an analyst while using the digital advocacy group Acce s Now, tells NPR's Ari Shapiro. "However, it truly is an excellent advancement in the former legislation and it really is also a terrific foundation for your usage of details from the digital age." What counts as "personal" is not going to just be attributes like race, top, bodyweight and faith, but will also an individual's IP tackle or browsing history.Rayna Stamboliyska, an information defense profe sional located in Paris, suggests that beneath the new policies, the web can be a position where no suggests no. She compares digital consent to sexual consent."Before you even put your cookie on my personal computer, or in my cellular machine, you might have to verify I consent to staying followed," she clarifies.All Tech Regarded The Paris Attorney Who Offers Google Nightmares A cookie is usually a tiny piece of knowledge an internet site may slip into your smartphone or laptop computer to keep track of what you are undertaking on line. Ideal now, without having evidently asking your permi sion, she states, many web-sites are observing your each move. https://www.athleticsside.com/oakland-athletics/jed-lowrie-jersey Beneath Europe's new directive, which is not Ok. Consent should be specified, and it could be taken absent. Stamboliyska offers a simple illustration. Say you'd like to buy a brand new pair of sneakers. You are fantastic with entrepreneurs slipping a Zappos advertisement into your morning information feed. But then afterwards, you are done buying. Le s than GDPR, you need to po se s a strategy to say: "Look, I'm fed up of your respective shoes. Now just end profiling me, and quit next me. And remember to do get rid of the info you might have of me mainly because I not want you to definitely maintain it." Europe did not build World wide web giants like Google or Fb, but now it's engineering a legal way to regulate them. Companies that violate the new guidelines encounter penalties of approximately four p.c of their world annual profits or 20 million euros (about $25 million), whichever is bigger. Stamboliyska suggests that for much too prolonged, American providers have gotten away with too minimal oversight. Within a recent scandal, Fb mi sing manage about the info of 87 million users.CEO Mark Zuckerberg reported he was sorry, but Stamboliyska states: "We do not have to have your apology. We'd like you to definitely be https://www.athleticsside.com/oakland-athletics/dave-henderson-jersey respectful."The Two-Way Lawmakers Pre s Zuckerberg On Stability, Diversity, Drug Gro s sales On Facebook Last week, the Fb main instructed Congre s he options "to make each of the identical controls and options available in all places, not simply in Europe." Tech giants Microsoft and Google have indicated these are also extending Europe's privacy rights to customers all-around the entire world. Michael Cohen, an attorney based in Minneapolis, advises American media and Online firms that work in Europe. How precisely U.S. companies manage new policies to the collection and storage of non-public data is really a do the job in progre s. The GDPR is, he says, "aspirational, that means that naturally we'd like to attempt for what is actually regarded as the gold normal." If users in Europe start to view actually uncomplicated language and acquire genuinely easy-to-follow prompts, he claims, Us citizens may po sibly want just what the Europeans have. Net consumers will commence to view notices from their news, new music, gaming as well as other applications in the coming days and months.Legislation A Needle In a very Lawful Haystack Could Sink A major Supreme Courtroom Privatene s Case



Former Gov. Monthly bill Weld Considers A Republican Primary Problem To Trump

Enlarge this imageFormer Ma sachusetts Gov. Invoice Weld informed an audience in New Hampshire that he is launching a 2020 exploratory committee.Charles Krupa/APhide captiontoggle captionCharles Krupa/APFormer Ma sachusetts Gov. Monthly bill Weld informed an audience in New Hampshire that he's launching a 2020 exploratory committee.Charles Krupa/APFormer Ma sachusetts Gov. Monthly bill Weld reported Friday he's thinking of demanding President Trump for that 2020 Republican presidential nomination. Weld, a moderate Brandon Phillips Jersey Republican, was twice elected governor. He supports abortion rights and was an early proponent of homosexual rights. He resigned his article as governor soon after becoming available the amba sadorship to Mexico, although the nomination stalled inside the Senate immediately after opposition from other Republicans.Politics 'Watch What We're Doing': Could Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Challenge Trump In 2020? Weld then ran since the Libertarian Party's vice presidential nominee in 2016 on the ticket with previous New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson. In accordance towards the Washington Put up, Weld advised the Politics & Eggs breakfast in Bedford, N.H., on Friday that Trump "acts like a schoolyard bully" and that Republicans in https://www.anaheimside.com/los-angeles-angels-of-anaheim/andrew-heaney-jersey Washington who support him "exhibit all the symptoms of Stockholm syndrome."Politics Which Democrats Are Running In 2020 And Which Still Might "We don't need six more years of the antics we have seen," Weld mentioned. Weld faces an uphill battle in taking on Trump, who remains popular with Republican voters. He also isn't the only Republican who has mused about complicated the president.But a principal problem, even if unsucce sful, could conceivably weaken Trump, as past key challenges hurt George H.W. Bush and https://www.anaheimside.com/los-angeles-angels-of-anaheim/nolan-ryan-jersey Gerald Ford, both of whom fought key opponents before losing the general election for another term. Politics Democratic Governors Pitch Pragmatism On Sidelines Of 2020 Presidential Campaign


Türkiye’nin 4-12 yaş aralığına hitap eden en büyük ve en kapsamlı cimnastik salonu Olimpik Akademi Cimnastik Spor Kulübü’ne hoşgeldiniz! Salonlarımız ve malzemelerimiz tamamen ilgili yaş gruplarının ihtiyaçlarını kapsayacak biçimde dizayn edilmiştir. Öncelikli hedefimiz ise çocukların temel motorik becerilerini geliştirmek ve hoş vakit geçirmelerini sağlamaktır.

Olimpik Akademi Cimnastik Spor Kulübü, 2007 yılında Dikmen‘de Artistik Cimnastik Bayan Milli Takım Antrenörleri Hasan KAVAK ve Munise TUNA ile eğitimlerine başlamıştır. Bunları 2012 yılında Kazım Karabekir, 2015 yılında Şaşmaz, 2017 yılında Mamak ve 2018 yılında İstanbul Yolu şubelerinin açılışı izlemiştir. Onlarca antrenörü ve yüzlerce öğrencisi ile Olimpik Akademi, sürekli büyümekte olan bir ailedir.

  • 12 Yıllık Tecrübe

    Olimpik Akademi Cimnastik Spor Kulübü, 2007 yılında Dikmen’de kurulmuştur.

  • Dört Şube

    2012 yılında Kazım Karabekir, 2015 yılında Şaşmaz, 2017 yılında Mamak ve 2018 yılında İstanbul Yolu Şubelerimiz Hizmete Girmiştir.

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    Salonlarımızda kullandığımız ürünlerin tamamı kendi üretimimizdir. Ürünlerimiz şu anda yurtdışındaki firmaların ürünleriyle hem kalite hem de fiyat açısından rekabet etmektedir.

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    Olimpik Akademi Cimnastik Spor Kulübü, Yurt içinde ve Yurt dışında katılmış olduğu yarışmalarda sayısız birincilik elde etmiştir.

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Ürünlerimiz şu anda yurtdışındaki firmaların ürünleriyle hem kalite hem de fiyat açısından rekabet etmektedir. Üstelik %100 yerli üretim olmaları da ülkemizin bu sektördeki imajı bakımından bir ayrıcalıktır.

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